cell groups

Our Cell Groups are specifically designed to help you form a vital connection to the life of the church. As our church grows in size and influence, Cell Groups allow us to maintain close relationships with each other. Each one of our Cell Groups will provide you with leadership, discipleship, and relationship. We encourage everyone who calls Christian Faith Church their home to be in a Cell Group. No matter where you are in life, we have a Cell Group for you!

What is a Cell Group? 

CFC Cell Group is any mid-week meeting that incorporates leadership, discipleship, and relationship. Each group is different but they all use a study based on the Sunday morning message that is designed to help you apply the Word of God to your life.

Why do I need to be in a Cell Group? 

As good as our Sunday services are, they are not enough for you to become all that God has for you. God intends for us to be connected with other believers and our Cell Groups provide a place for you to grow in your relationship with Him and with other people. 

How do I find a Cell Group? 

Contact our Cell Group Pastor Victor Kuchugurny victork@cfcinfo.org or call our main office at 916-484-7711 and we will help you find one. It's that easy! 

Can I lead a Cell Group? 

In our congregation, anyone who loves God, loves people, loves life and is a part of our Church is a potential Cell Group leader. If you have an idea for a Cell Group or if you would like to lead one, contact our Church office. One of our Cell Group Leaders will contact you as soon as we get your application.